24 Hours in Bristol

I’m a big fan of city breaks – I’d rather be looking around an unfamiliar city than spending all day on a beach somewhere, and I rarely spend more than a couple of days in each city I visit, which gave me the idea to condense my trips down into an itinerary that could be completed in 24 hours. As my Bristol trip was just over 24 hours long (we arrived at about 3pm and left the following day at 9:30pm) but the first day was taken up by work for our student newspaper, I thought this would be an excellent way to start this series of blog posts, knowing that this can easily be achieved in under a day.Read More »


Taylor Swift’s reputation: Secret Sessions v Wembley

On October 13th 2017, Taylor Swift invited 100 of her fans from all over Europe to a house in London to hear her new album, reputation, almost a month before its worldwide release on November 10th. 8 and a half months later, Swift brought her reputation Stadium Tour to multiple venues across the UK, including Wembley Stadium, where she performed all 15 tracks from reputation for the first time. As one of the people privileged enough to have been at both of the aforementioned events, I’m in a situation where I can compare the two experiences and consider how the album changes when performed to tens of thousands of fans, rather than played to a room of 100.

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Review & Recommend: Fun Home – Alison Bechdel

I don’t often read graphic novels, and nor have I ever been into comics, so Alison Bechdel’s Fun Home was definitely not an ordinary read for me. I will admit to having read it before, back in July 2017, but this time I was reading it as a part of my course at university.

This will contain spoilers, so if that is something that concerns you, perhaps read the book before the review. If you’ve already read it, or you don’t care about spoilers, please do read on.

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2018 Summer Playlist

For the last couple of years, I’ve made a short summer playlist each year, comprised of a mixture of new songs from the past year and some older, but very worthy, songs from previous years. This year’s playlist is called Sunflowers and Fireflies, and starts out with songs for a summer afternoon, then mellows into songs for a beautiful summer evening while the sun seems to be setting forever. My summer playlists always feature Here Comes the Sun by The Beatles, and This Summer by Maroon 5, but the rest of the songs are unique from year to year. This year’s playlist features Fall Out Boy, Frank Ocean and Kehlani – enjoy.


Post-Exam Feelings

Immediately after your last exam, there’s a multitude of feelings that you can expect to emerge. Anxiety over whether you’ll achieve the results you desire, freedom from revision, pride at getting through exam season, excitement at the prospect of celebrating with friends. For me, this rush of emotion lasts for a few days, or at least, as long as the constant activities and socialisation last. After this, I become absolutely terrified at the prospect of a summer that lasts for months.

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I Will Love the Way I Am

Hayley Kiyoko burst onto the LGBT music scene in June 2015 with the release of her music video ‘Girls Like Girls’. As a previously obscure artist, ‘Girls Like Girls’ was incredibly important for Kiyoko, gaining her a massive LGBT audience. Since then, she has gone on to release several more songs and music videos centring around female same-sex attraction, including Cliff’s Edge, (notably the first of her music videos where she displays her own sexuality), Sleepover and Feelings.

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Happy World Book Night!

There’s a lot of tweets out there today celebrating ‘World Book Day’, but it’s actually World Book Night, a celebration of books run by charity The Reading Agency, aimed at getting free books given to people who might not usually read, either through personal, one-to-one donations, or through donations to institutions such as schools, hospitals and prisons. I love the initiative being put forward by The Reading Agency, as I think it’s really important to get people reading, and it’s a privilege many of us take for granted. In the spirit of World Book Night, I’m going to post a few short reviews of a few of my favourite books, both old and new, to try to cover a range of target audiences, so hopefully there will be something for everyone!Read More »

Review & Recommend: Carol – Patricia Highsmith

After way too long of only reading books that were for my university course, I finally found the time to sit down with a book I’ve wanted to read for years and read for fun. Of course, as an English student, I can’t read a book and not think about it for a long time after and have a lot of opinions, so rather than continuing to subject my friends to my thoughts whenever I happen to have them, here is a compilation of my (spoiler-y) thoughts on the book Carol, by Patricia Highsmith, also published under the title The Price of Salt.

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As a very naturally unorganised and forgetful person, I need a method to keep a track of my time, and tasks, else it is guaranteed I will forget. My personal method of staying organised is a bullet journal, an all-in-one diary and list journal that can be tailored to your own personal needs. More information about the bullet journal can be found at bulletjournal.com, but in this post I’m going to talk about the way I set up my own bullet journal. Read More »